Friday, July 31, 2009

The I Am Sorry Letter

I never really made things right. I was too selfish to even look back and remember the others. Reallity is, I am here to say that I wanna erase that, and re-write the whole story. It's something difficult, long, exhausting, and somewhat melancholic. I am here to declare that I am determined to do it, but I can't do it without your help. I need your love, I need your tenderness, I need your patience, and I need your support. You have always being on my side, which caused on your heart war scars. Dare to take a few more? Cuz I know I won't do flawlessly right away, and so you can leave if that is your wish. I won't get mad, for I understand. I caused you a lot of trouble already. And I wish I could describe all the things I want to say, and how sorry I am for making you suffer, but words were never my natural talent. For that, too, I want to apologize. For I find that what I am saying is not enough to describe what I feel, and even if it were, it would be worthless for what's done it's done. I won't even try to justify myself, for I have no excuse. I won't argue, for there is nothing to argue about. I won't suffer, for you already suffered quite a lot. I won't say silliness, for I don't want to keep on being a fool. Here I bring to you my repentant heart, and my non-fancy-or-decorated-truth. Just the plain truth. Now, will you forgive me and help me write the future?


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