Thursday, April 30, 2009

Black Knight of the Twilight Sky

When the sun has gotten tired of shining, and the darkness is beating him up,

When the stars come out in silent and the blackness in now on top,

And the poor sun is whining, for he is about to disappear

There you come from the nowhere, with your horse and your spear

A sigh, a smile, and brilliance in my eyes

You paint my world fantasy-like

And now where’s my reality?

Your waving hair makes my day; your natural grace drives me insane

And when I’m about to fall down fainted, you’re already there catching my breath

Your galloping horse gracefully carries you, while your chest is lifted up

What a well-structured godlike creature!

Are my eyes telling me wrong?

Further explanation is indeed needed

As long as I know Greek gods are inexistent

I must confess you are a stunning aberration

And honestly, how can I ask for more perfection,

if of it you’re the incarnation?

Friday, April 24, 2009


Es tan difícil penetrar tu mente
Por cada vez que intento, me alejas
Es tan difícil romper la barrera

Se me hace tan difícil ganar tu confianza
Es tan difícil mezclar la apropiada sustancia
Creo que nunca fui buena en química

Es tan difícil no sonrreir
Cuando mis ojos se cruzan con los tuyos
la gracia natural es tu asunto

Es tan difícil decirte un ''te quiero''
Porque cada vez que quiero
Me arrepiento

Pero sobre todo
Se me es tan difícil quererte

...Tío, que complicado eres...